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Ascó, Spain, to Host Pan-European Seminar on Integration of Non-EU Nationals in the Labour Market: Challenges and Best Practices

2023-07-14T14:38:00+02:00juliol 14, 2023|Oficina Ascó a Europa|

The Municipality of Ascó, Spain, will host a pan-European seminar on “Challenges in the labour market integration of non-EU nationals” on November 28th, 2023. The full-day event is addressed to decision-makers and stakeholders of local or national employment and integration policies. Participants can expect a keynote highlighting research findings on the subject and presentations of [...]

Innovation Fund SSP

2023-01-30T14:05:29+01:00gener 30, 2023|Oficina Ascó a Europa|

La convocatòria Innovation Fund està dirigida a projectes sobre tecnologies i processos baixos en carboni en tots els sectors coberts per la Directiva 2003/87/CE (Directiva ETS de la UE): Innovació en tecnologies i processos amb baixes emissions de carboni als sectors enumerats a l'annex I, inclosa la captura i utilització de carboni ambientalment segures ('CCU') [...]


2021-11-23T15:30:06+01:00novembre 23, 2021|Ajuntament, Oficina Ascó a Europa|

Deadline & Link EOI: Closed Deadline: 26/08/2021 Proposal for the Network of Towns 2021 CERV Programme Proposal [NUCPOT] Nuclear Power Phase-Out and Citizens Survey Description: It is expected that Networks of Towns projects reflect on a new narrative for Europe, citizen-oriented, equality promoting, forward-looking and constructive that would be more engaging for the younger generation [...]


2021-11-23T14:44:59+01:00novembre 23, 2021|Oficina Ascó a Europa|

HORIZON-CL5-2021-D3-03-15 Call deadline: 23 Feb 2022 EOI Deadline: 12 Nov 2021 Link: EEN call for partners Horizon Europe is the EU’s key funding programme for research and innovation with a budget of €95.5 billion. It tackles climate change, helps to achieve the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals and boosts the EU’s competitiveness and growth. The programme [...]